Eric Tradeup

Ravpreet Singh was a tremendous resource for me, as a first time homebuyer.  He went above my expectations to explain each phase of the process and helped to reassure me when I became anxious about any facet of the purchase.
From our initial meeting, to reviewing homes, to making an offer, to finally closing, Rav was in invaluable resource.
Not only did Rav help with reassuring me each step of the way, he also helped to educate me on things that I was not previously aware.  Through the process, I learned about how to identify probably foundation issues, buyer "options", and much more about the closing process.
Finally, I appreciated the fact that Rav did not ever hint toward pressuring me to make an offer.  He was very patient as we looked at properties and seemed quick to point out possible problems.
In the end, I am very happy with our home purchase and do not believe this would have been possible without Rav.

Rav Singh, CCIM
Phone: 210-849-2175
Mobile: 210-849-2175
Fax: 210-579-7310